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History of

Mt. Olivet Baptist Church of Hollis

February 1962 - February 2020




-March 27, 1961, Reverend and Mrs. Philip Hawkins secured the location 201-11A Hollis Avenue. 

- April 2, 1961, the building was consecrated to God by the late James F. Sherard, Pastor of the       Community Baptist Church of South Ozone Park, N.Y. who brought his congregation

- February 3, 1962, the Mount Olivet Baptist Church of Hollis was organized on Saturday     afternoon,

- April 30, 1970, Rev. Hawkins resigned as Pastor.

- May 1, 1970, Rev. Charles T. Smith became Pastor of Mount Olivet Baptist Church of Hollis. 

-Both mortgages at 201-11A and 201-17 Hollis Avenue were paid in full. 

-April of 1979 the church purchased the corner Building, 201-19 Hollis Avenue, and had fully paid   for it by the end of 1981.

-Pastor Charles T. Smith resigned the Pastorate of the church effective the 1st Sunday of May,   1982.  (On December 28, 1993, Pastor Emeritus Charles T. Smith passed away after a brief     illness.)

 - On Monday, November 8, 1982, Reverend John H. Williams was elected pastor of the Mount     Olivet Baptist Church of Hollis by the membership and installed on Sunday, December 10, 1982. 

- March 1984 the church purchased the property at 201-15 Hollis Avenue (that was also   demolished for our parking lot) for the purpose of expanding our church.  In May of the same   year the vacant lot at the corner of Hollis Avenue and 202nd Street became available to us.  After   a meeting with the church, we purchased the property.  This is the location of our present church   at a cost of $2,000,000.00.

-March 30, 1985, the church had a groundbreaking ceremony on the lot.

-Saturday, March 30, 1991, we had a pre-dedication service of our edifice.

-Sunday, March 31, 1991 (Easter Sunday) we had our 1st morning Worship Service.

- Saturday, July 20, 1991, we had our official ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony.

-January 7, 1994, Reverend Williams passed away. and Deacon Jimmie Sidberry took the helm as   the spiritual leader.

- Friday, January 27, 1995, after the weekly prayer meeting the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, elected   Rev. Dr. Lorenzo Robinson to be the fourth pastor of this church.

-Sunday, February 5th, 1995 Rev. Dr. Lorenzo Marshall Robinson become the 4th pastor of Mt.   Olivet Baptist Church of Hollis. He was instrumental in ordaining and consecrating new officers to   the church and bringing spiritual guidance.

- May 7, 2000, Rev. James B. Barnwell, III became the 5th Pastor.  Under his leadership, the   church grew both spiritually and financially and the membership and finances increased   tremendously.

- May 6, 2018, Rev. Dr. Frankco J. Harris was installed as the 6th Pastor of Mt. Olivet Baptist   Church. With the help of God, he has led many restoration projects and upgrading of the facilities. To God be the glory. The best is yet to come.

-February 2019, new LED Lights and Air Conditioner were purchased for 49,972.77 with the help   of an incentive program from Con Edison which paid half of the bill.

-April 2019, new sidewalks and a church entryway was shaved down.

-October 2019, a new sound system was installed.

- December 2019, the apartment building was renovated and painted.

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